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  According to the width of the fabric , the length of the industrial ironing machine’s drum could be 1800mm ,2500mm ,2800mm,3000mm , and to meet different request of ironing speed , we produce industrial ironing machine with different drum that one drum or two drums or three drums
  the more drums are the faster the machine will be .
  the machines are consist of stainless steel drum , basement ,bracket ,speed inventor , transmission belt , transmission drum , transmission parts , electricity parts and so on .
  bed sheet , curtain , table cloth or liens are transmitted by transmission parts to the drum surface which is heated by steam or electricity ,then the material is ironed by the high temperature
  You will find it is difficult for you to find lines on the material !
Industrial ironing machine with three drums

Industrial ironing machine with two drums

Industrial ironing machine with one drum
  Specification of industrial ironing machine:
Ironing scope(mm)

Does not limit ,≤2440,≤3

Does not limit ,≤2880,≤3
Does not limit ,≤2440,≤3
Quantity of drum()
1 2 1 2 1 2m
Steam presser(Mpa)



Three-phase four ,380V

Ironing speed(m/min) ≤10 ≤16 ≤16 ≤16 0-7 0-19.9
Temperature of drum’s surface(℃)

The gauge pressure is the 0.4MPa chronometer 164℃

Steam consumption (Kg/h) 50 93 85 160    
Motor power(Kw) 0.75 1.5 0.75 1.5 0.75 1.5

380VThree-phase four



Overall dimension(mm) 3480×1540×1400 3480×1960×1400 3830×1152×1300 3830×1960×1700 3480×1540×1400 3480×2420×1350
150 2200 1800 2500 1860 3000
  Main character of industrial ironing machine:
1.The drum can be heated by three ways that heated by steam , electricity or hot oil。
2.The drum is big enough to get good ironing efficient。
3.The speed of the ironing machine is capable of being regulated ,and ironing machine with two drums can do ironing work with high speed。
4.The ironing machine is perfect machine for hotels or hospitals to flat work and drying work of bed sheet ,curtain ,table clothes and so on
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